dez 01 2011

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RRD Stats

Addon name: RRD Stats
Author: marcos do vale
Co-Authors: fabiosammy
Addon URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/smartrouter/files/addons/rrdstats/rrdstats.tgz
Version Control Repository: git://smartrouter.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/smartrouter/rrdstats
Nightly Version URL: None
Add-on State: Testing
Add-on Version: v0.4
Original Project Version: None
Original Project URL: http://dolly.czi.cz/coyote/packages/rrd.asp
System Version Required: SmartRouter 2.32-BETA-3.0 or higher
Other Packages Required: rrdtool.tgz[]
Other Packages Conflict: Unknown
Manual How To Use URL: None


RRDStats is a package for network traffic and link quality monitoring. It’s based on RRDtool for storing data to round robin databases and slightly modified for visualizing data on the Web.

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